Saxet Lake
Saxet Lake is a boating, fishing and picnic site. Near the back of the property is good two-story habitat - medium trees and ground-level brush - providing both shelter and food for many avian species, both permanent and migratory. Migratory waterfowl use the lake as well.

Salem Road
Just past loop 463 heading north up Salem Road is a wonderful stretch paved road that runs through a rural section of the community for 30 miles finally ending near Edna. The road is sparsely traveled and a wonderful place for viewing hawks, kestrals, flycatchers, loggerhead shrikes, crested caracaras, and even a few herons and belted kingfishers. Most of the area on either side of the road is private property so it's best viewed by car.

Nursery Road
Like Salem Road, Nursery Road between is a lightly traveled stretch that runs through the rural part of the county from Highway 77 to Highway 87.

Coletto Creek Park
Coleto Creek Park is located just over the county line in Goliad but a quick, 15 minute drive from Victoria's downtown. It has a lovely nature trail with two on-trail photography blinds that include water features. Other blinds are distributed at good locations in the Park. Admission is $10 per vehicle for a day pass.