This is going to come as a shock to people that know me, but I really love birding!! I mean, ridiculously love it! I've tried to pin down the whys of it such as the fact that it pushes me to be a better photographer; or that I see the world around me differently; even that it gives me new places to visit and explore. But I think the main thing I love about birding is that each outing has the potential to reveal new and unexpected discoveries. For example, I never know what I might see when I take my doggy out for his morning walk. Maybe we see the usual neighborhood residents like doves, mockingbirds, blue jays, and sparrows. Or maybe, I'll have a Northern Flicker swoop in for a quick visit and photoshoot. It never fails that just about the time I think the outing is a bust that something amazing flies in front of my lens.


I really love all the birds I photograph from my regular feeder visitors to the little cuties that like to hang out in the oak in our front yard, but as a Birdographer, I “secretly” have an ever evolving list of birds that I would be extra special thrilled to photograph. I can’t tell you why these particular birds have been hovering so significantly on my radar, but for whatever reason, I’m more obsessed over them than other birds. The list is changing and evolving, but at this particular snapshot in time it includes: Male Vermillion Flycatcher, Red Headed Woodpecker, Cedar Waxwing, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, and Green Jays. Of all these birds, Green Jays have probably been on my list the longest. They are a subtropical bird that lives mostly in Mexico and South America, and into the Southern part of Texas. I haven’t heard of them being spotted in Victoria with any regularity, but I’ve talked to several people who see them often in Goliad County.


Last night my husband and I decided to head out to our small farm in Goliad County for a little R&R. He piddled around the barn and I explored to see who of our feathered friends were out and about on a cold and cloudy Fall afternoon. The birdographying wasn’t great but I did snap a few nice photos of some Chipping Sparrows and an Eastern Phoebe. As the light began to fade I started making my way back to the barn to warm up and enjoy and evening cocktail when I heard this loud “cawing” coming from the brush a little ahead of where I was walking. It wasn’t a bird call I recognized so I “creeped” forward to see what I could find. As I rounded the corner I saw some fluttering in the trees of 5-6 birds and started snapping. With the fading light and quick activity I wasn’t able to see a lot of detail of what I was shooting but with the vibrant colors I just knew that they were Green Jays! OH MY GOSH but they’re beautiful!! And what a thrill!! The photos I snapped weren’t great, but I don’t think I could have been happier!!


And that’s the life lesson that birding seems to always be teaching me: You just never know what unexpected adventure is just around the corner!