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My Favorite Places

I love getting out in the world, spending time in nature, and enjoying the beauty that is all around us. Texas is known worldwide as a birders paradise and for good reason. There are over 630 different birds that have been sighted in Texas. Many birds are year round or seasonal residents, and others are migrants passing through each Spring and Fall to their Summer and Winter homes. As a wildlife photographer, when I gather up my gear and head out to capture some photos, I have very specific goals in mind with the locations I choose to shoot at. Ideally, I like low tree lines so that the wildlife is closer to eye level with my lens. I look for foliage that doesn’t go too deep allowing the wildlife places to hide that are inaccessible to me and my camera. I love locations that have trails, boardwalks, and enhancements to attract the wildlife such as feeders and water features. There are some wonderful birding locations that I’m not including on this list, not because they aren’t a favorite among birds and birders, but because I don’t find them particularly productive photography spots. With each location on my list, I'm giving it a rating based loosely on the below system:

I like this location, I have decent luck capturing good photos, and I will stop if I'm in the area, but it isn't necessarily a place I will make a special trip to visit.

I really like this location, and I have consistent success capturing good photos. I will definitely make a special trip to this location, but it may offer some limitations such as species, or a variety of good photography locations when compared to a 5 Star Location.

Just perfection and I love absolutely everything about this location. I will definitely make a special trip to visit this spot and will stay multiple days shooting there if possible.

Just for clarification, photography ranches are not my preferred method of capturing wildlife photos. I really prefer to be moving around and capturing my subjects in a more natural surrounding. That being said, I have enjoyed the ranches I've had the opportunity to visit, but I'm not going to give them a Star Rating because they're pretty much in a class by themselves and if I include them on my "Favorite Places" list I think that they are definitely worth visiting and you will get great photos.

If you have some favorite spots, I would love to hear about them so please send me a note and tell me more!

Thank You For Visiting!

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