During the Winter break, my daughter and I grabbed our cameras and hit the Calhoun Loop of the Great Texas Birding Trail. The Calhoun Loop is amazing with a wonderful assortment of water birds and song birds. All in all, it was a great birding adventure. On our way home to Victoria, I decided to take a quick spin through Saxet Lake Park. If you were so inclined to search our Birding Hot Spots in Victoria, you would discover that Saxet Lake isn’t too far behind Riverside Park as far as bird activity in our area. I haven’t been through Saxet Lake in at least 20 years so my memories of it were a little fuzzy and I wasn't sure what to expect.


The park is a little off Highway 59, over the railroad tracks, through some fields, and nestled in some lakes… Definitely a little off the beaten path, but once we found it, I was pleasantly surprised. The city has done a wonderful job with the landscaping and visually it’s stunning. There is a small boat ramp, benches, tons of manicured trees, several small playgrounds, lots of cleared banks for fishing, and oh, did I mention, birds?! My kid and I just did a quick run through to check the place out so I didn’t have much of a chance to do much but peak my interest, so the next week I skipped lunch and did a quick drive through to see what I could find. All told, I probably spent about 20 minutes doing a slow drive through the park but was absolutely stunned by the amount of wildlife! In that short amount of time I was able to grab some lovely bird photos including:


Vermillion Fly Catcher

Couch’s Kingbird

Green Heron

Savannah Sparrows

Eastern Blue Birds


Yellow Rumped Warblers


The park is quiet with small groups of families and individuals fishing or enjoying the afternoon, and with the geography of the lake, there’s lots of bows and inlets with reeds, trees, and other areas of birds to roost. When I did my drive through, it was a little windy and towards the middle of the day (not ideal birding conditions) so I can’t wait to see what I can discover on a the next, nice Winter morning!